The video for our latest single release Broken Soul is out, please take a look. We are think it turned out really nice. Once again, our great friend and trusted magician Troll Toftenes has created a masterpiece. You are also welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


It is a shivery 4 degrees below zero, and the location is a frozen meadow, somewhere in Bergen. The air is crisp and clear, and when we breathe frost mist forms in front of us. It is 09:00 in the morning and the sun has not yet risen over the mountain. It is the perfect weather for a video shoot. The plan for the day is to shoot scenes for the music video for our first single; Fear of Frogs. The song, from our upcoming album, is centered on the idea of being in a relationship where you fear you are in the way of the other person’s development and ambitions. It is about the fear of holding someone you love back.

In the middle of the meadow we see a bright green spot, amidst the dead frozen grass and straws. The director Troll Toftenes is moving around, almost hovering, flowing with the music. He is filming the green spot, which is Anja, the vocalist, in a bright green suit. He can only film for a couple of minutes before she has to put warm clothes on. Then it is the same procedure over again. But it is so worth it. The pictures become beautiful, and when Tormod, Trond Espen, Marius and Sveinung joins her in the meadow it becomes a little warmer, at least in spirit.

This is day two of filming with Troll Toftenes. We have filmed on various locations around the city; in a garden, in a car, in a studio and in a park. Two videos in two days is a lot to cover, but amazing input and energy from the director, the make up artist and the band creates a great energy, and many fun and creative moments.

The single Fear of Frogs is available on all streaming services. Enjoy the video on YouTube.

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